Privacy Policy

Pursuant to Art. 13 ("Information to be provided if data is collected from the data subject") and 22 ("Automated decision-making process concerning natural persons, including profiling") of EU Regulation 679/2016, we wish to inform you that personal data of all parties (hereinafter the "Interested parties") who register on the website  (hereinafter the “Site”) shall be processed by Saint-Gobain Glass Italia S.p.A., with registered office in Via Ponte a Piglieri 2 – 56121 Pisa – with tax code 00116650508 (hereinafter the “Controller”), acting as Data Controller, in manual, printed, digital or computerised form.

As the Data Controller is a legal entity belonging to a group of companies (the Saint-Gobain Group, hereinafter also the "Group"), we inform you that, if the Data Controller intends to transfer your data to entities belonging to the Group, this shall be done in compliance with the provisions of Art. 47 of EU Regulation 679/2016 ("Binding Corporate Rules").

We consider it important to provide interested parties with appropriate information on how their personal data shall be processed, in order to make appropriate choices about the purposes of their use. For these reasons, we ask you to read this Privacy statement carefully.

1) Where is your data saved and who has access to it? 

The Controller saves the data of Interested parties in a specific server located in Europe and carries out all the other processing operations through the personnel assigned for this purpose.

The database is accessible only by authorised parties using methods that guarantee protection and confidentiality, as a result of the adoption of security measures designed to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

2) How can your personal data be used? 

Personal data of data subjects, collected through this form and processed by the Data Controller, may be disclosed to other national and international legal entities of the Saint-Gobain Group of which the Data Controller is a member. The provision of personal data and any consent to processing, if required, are optional for all Users

In this regard, it is specified that personal data collected shall be processed for the following purposes:

  1. To allow the interested party to use the services explicitly requested by it and made available to him/her by the Group, such as for example the downloading of software, IT objects (e.g. BIM objects) or documentation in general, the on-line use of the latter, registration to events and in particular to training courses (including on-line), obtaining technical, commercial or informative information in general, including communications useful for participating in events to which the interested party has registered;
  2. Sending information communications (designed to keep the data subject constantly updated on the Group's activities, such as products, services, events, news) at the e-mail address or telephone number or at the address he/she explicitly provided at the time of registration on the site and, in general, commercial contact actions;
  3. Use of the information collected by the above indicated means (opening and reading of communications, downloading of documents / objects / programmes published on the site, use of software, participation in events and courses) to outline (i.e. analyse) preferences or interests of the interested party so as to offer him/her an experience that is more relevant and personalised for him;
  4. Sharing with third parties operating in the same reference market, for purposes of technical and commercial partnerships, it being understood that, for this assumption, the Controller shall ensure to contact these third parties so that they comply with the provisions of Art. 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016 ("Information to be provided if personal data was not obtained from the data subject") and this within 30 days from receipt of such data;
  5. Administrative purposes.

The Data Controller uses the data of Interested parties in accordance with the choices that the interested party has freely exercised through their express consent, at the time of collection, without prejudice to cases in which there is a need to comply with contractual or legal obligations.

3) How long is your personal data stored for? 

The duration of the data processing is established within 12 months from the date on which the Interested parties transferred it, for the first time, to the Data Controller or have reconfirmed their consent to its processing. From the date of termination of the relationship, for any reason or cause, data shall be kept for the duration of the prescription terms applicable by law.

4) How can you express, modify or revoke your consent? 

Consent to the processing of data relating to the purposes described above can be expressed individually for each of them using the boxes at the end of the registration form.

Interested parties may modify or withdraw their consent at any time without needing to provide further explanation: as a consequence of the revocation, their data shall be immediately deleted or rendered in a form that cannot be traced back to them (for statistical reasons).

Consent can be modified or revoked by sending an email containing this request to the address: privacy.società

5) Who are the Data Processors? 

The list of Data Processors is available at the Data Protection Officer's office ("DPO") to whom you can contact for further information.

6) What rights can you exercise on your personal data? 

Pursuant to Art. 15 (Access Rights of the interested party) of EU Regulation 679/2016, as a data subject, you have the right to obtain from the Data Controller access to your data to obtain the following information:

  1. The purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data in question, the recipients of the data, the retention period, the transfer of data to third countries even if they do not belong to the European Union;
  2. The rectification, the cancellation, restrictions on processing, the opposition to the processing of data itself;
  3. The verification of the existence of an automatic decision-making process for you pursuant to Art. 22 of EU Regulation 679/2016;
  4. The right to appeal to the Supervisory authority;
  5. The right of erasure in accordance with the provisions of Art. 17 (Right of erasure ("right to be forgotten")) of EU Regulation 679/2016.

Pursuant to Art. 15 IV paragraph of EU Regulation 679/2016, interested parties always have the right to receive, on a durable medium, a copy of their data, as processed by the Data Controller. In any case, in compliance with the provisions of Art. 20 (Right to data portability) of the aforementioned Regulation, the Data Subject is entitled to the so-called "portability" of data, i.e. the right to obtain direct transfer of personal data from one Data Controller to another, subject to verification of feasibility.

7) Contact details of the Data Protection Officer ("DPO") 

Office of the Data Protection Officer ("DPO")

of the Saint-Gobain Group for Italy and Greece

Via Ettore Romagnoli, n. 6

I - 20146 Milan

e-mail: privacy.società

8) Minors 

Interested parties are aware that this site and the services offered therein are not aimed at minors.

The Data Controller, moreover, encourages the registration of parents of those who are registered under age: in this way, parents have the possibility to use the services themselves and to be always aware of the initiatives that the Data Controller makes available, and to verify compliance with their expectations and their own models and educational paths.