Conditions of Use of the Site


These General Conditions of Use of the Site (hereinafter, also the "Conditions") establish the conditions under which the site may be used (hereinafter, the “Site”).

The Site is managed by the company Saint-Gobain Glass Italia S.p.A (hereinafter “SG”), single-member company, subject to management and coordination of the company under French law Saint-Gobain Glass France S.A, with registered office in .

The use of the Site, intended as accessing, browsing or registering on it, involves the acceptance, tacit and unconditional, by the user, (hereinafter the Site user, understood as a visitor of the Site as well as a registered user, also the "User") of the Conditions.

In the event that the User is not therefore in agreement with any of the Conditions, he/she is therefore obliged to immediately abandon the Site.

In consideration of the fact that the right remains, under SG, to modify, in any time and in its sole discretion, these Conditions, the User is invited to take good and complete vision of these Conditions at each access to the Site.


The Site provides, for mere informational purposes, information on and on SG and on other companies of the same Saint-Gobain Group to which SG itself belongs.

Information is provided, in general, through documents, images and descriptions of the activities carried out by SG on the other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group (hereinafter, the "Content").

Hence, the User's attention is drawn to the fact that, in no way, the Contents of the Site may constitute an offer to the public.

SG makes every reasonable effort to update the Contents of the Website.

However, SG makes no warranty, implied or expressed, regarding the completeness, accuracy or updating of the above mentioned Content.

Users who are interested in establishing business relations with SG or with other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group, must therefore request confirmation of any information, data or specifications, where appropriate, indicated on the Website, during negotiations.

For greater clarification, Users cannot rely on the Content and, if they intend to make decisions based on them, they must expressly request specific advice during negotiations.

In any case, SG, as well as any other company of the Saint-Gobain Group, shall be free to follow up, or not, these requests.

Lastly, SG has no obligation to update the Website's content, remaining this activity at its sole discretion.


SG is the owner or licensee of all industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the Site, its Content and the materials published therein (by way of example but not limited to, texts, lists, manuals, photographs, illustrations, images, technical drawings, video, audio, advertising texts, trademarks, domain names, drawings, projects even where not covered by patent, software, databases, etc. - below, the "Materials").

These rights are protected by applicable laws and international treaties.

Users are authorised to browse the Site and to print or download copies of the Contents and / or the Materials contained therein exclusively for personal and non-commercial use, for the sole purpose of collecting information and on condition of not removing copyright or other notes on printed or downloaded material.

Any other use of the Content and / or Materials must be expressly authorised in writing by SG. In any case, SG must be indicated as the sole holder of all the rights to exploit the assets of the Materials and of the Content, subject to any clarification that SG deems necessary to formulate when issuing the aforementioned authorisation.

The use, reproduction, duplication, copying or distribution of the Content and / or Materials of the Site for commercial purposes is forbidden and shall entail the User's liability for reasons attributable to this / or in respect of third parties, to whom the Content and / or Materials are been transferred or communicated, as well as for any damages caused by and / or to said third parties.


The Site is made available free of charge and for private and non-commercial purposes.

SG does not guarantee that the Website shall be continuously available.

In consideration of the fact that access to the Site is permitted on a temporary basis, SG reserves the right to suspend, delete, discontinue or modify, in whole or in part, the Site without prior notice.

Therefore SG will not, in any way, be liable in respect of Users, if for any reason the Website is not available, in whole or in part.

Thus, SG does not provide any guarantee, express or implied, regarding the Content and/or the Materials present on the Website itself.

SG therefore excludes any liability, of a contractual or extra-contractual nature, in respect of the User for damages or losses deriving from or connected to:

  • no availability, in whole and / or in part, of the Website
  • the User's inability to use the Website;
  • use of Content and / or Materials contained on the Site or relying on them.

If the Site contains links to other Sites, SG does not provide any guarantee as to the absence of damages that may arise to Users from visiting these Sites, even if these are Sites of other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group itself.

SG asks Users to carefully check their content and scope.

In the event Users receives an identification code, a password or any other information due to their access to the Site and for security reasons, the latter are obliged to treat this information as absolutely confidential, not disclosing it to third parties.

SG, for its part, reserves, at any time, the right to disable the identification code and/or password, chosen by Users or assigned by SG, where Users have not complied with these Conditions.

If a User knows or suspects that another person is aware of his identification code or password, he/she must immediately inform SG, by sending an email to the contact address,


Users are entitled to create links to the Site, provided that this is done correctly and does not damage the reputation neither of SG nor of the other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group and that the User does not derive any undue benefit from it.

SG reserves, in any case, the right not to allow any links to its Site, without prior notice providing, for the effect, to implement the technical solutions that it deems most appropriate to allow the above.

In any case it is understood that the websites on which links shall be allowed must comply with the content of these Conditions.


If Users uses a function that allow them to upload their own content on the Website (hereinafter the "User Content") they must comply with these Conditions of use of the Website.

Users shall be liable to SG for all damages that the latter could suffer in relation to Users' Content.

All User Content uploaded to the Site shall be considered non-confidential and SG shall have the right to use, duplicate, distribute and disclose it to third parties for any purpose and for any reason without Users having the right to claim anything for any reason whatsoever.

SG reserves, in any case, the right to reveal the identity of Users to third parties who complain about infringement of intellectual or other property rights in relation to User Content.

In any case, Users expressly acknowledge the circumstance that SG cannot be in any way liable in respect of third parties for User Content published on the Website.

SG shall therefore be fully entitled to remove any content posted on the Website by Users if, in its opinion, it does not comply with these Terms of Use of the Website. The opinions expressed by Users on the Website do not represent, in any case and in any way, the opinions of SG.

With reference to User Content, in any case, Users expressly agree to comply with the following rules which shall therefore apply with reference to the aforementioned User Content:

User Content:

  • must be correct and truthful as well as fully compliant with the current provisions of law;
  • must not contain defamatory or obscene or offensive material;
  • must not instigate discrimination in relation to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • must not infringe industrial or intellectual property rights or in general other rights of third parties or be detrimental to others' right to confidentiality of personal data.
  • must not contain material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, time bombs, adware and, in general, other malicious programs;

In any case and more generally, Users, by virtue of the acceptance of these Conditions, are obliged to use the Site in such a way as not to infringe, in any way, any provision of applicable law.


Users agree to hold SG harmless in relation to any liability, damages (direct and indirect) and costs in which SG may incur due to: (i) an infringement by Users of these Conditions; (ii) claims by third parties that are based on the use of the Website and / or the Content and / or the Materials made available by Users; (iii) claims of third parties that are based on the User Content transferred or uploaded by Users on the Website itself.


In the event Users, throughout the Site, write their own comments and / or their own reviews on the Site, the latter shall be liable for strict compliance with these provisions.

Comments and reviews must be focused on Saint-Gobain Group's products as well as on individual experiences of use with descriptions of the reasons for liking or disliking them.

Consequently, SG reserves the right not to publish or remove, where published, all comments that are characterised by:

  • obscenity, discriminatory language, or expressions not suitable for a public forum;
  • advertising, "spam" or references to other products, offers, or websites;
  • personal data or e-mail addresses, URLs, Twitter handles, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information;
  • critical or malicious comments about other reviews posted on the page or their authors.

Throughout the Website SG may decide to provide interactive services in favour of Users.

If this happens, SG shall provide Users with information on the type of service offered, whether there is a moderator and what form of moderation is used.

In any case, reserves the right to decide, case by case, whether it is appropriate to use, with reference to the type of service offered, whether it is necessary to adopt the intervention of a moderator (including the type of moderation to be used) or not.

In any case, SG assumes no obligation to supervise, monitor or moderate the interactive services that shall be offered on the Site and excludes any liability for any loss or damages resulting from the use of interactive services by Users in breach of the content of these Terms and this even if the Interactive Service is moderated.

The use of interactive services by minors is subject to the consent of the person exercising parental authority. When interactive services are moderated, SG shall inform Users on how to contact the moderator in the event of need.


SG reserves the right to establish, at its discretion, whether there has been a breach of these Conditions during use of the Site.

When this occurs, SG shall have the right to take the actions it deems most appropriate.

In any case, failure to comply with the content of this document shall constitute a breach and may result in the following consequences: immediate, temporary or permanent revocation of a User's right to use the Site; the immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any content or material uploaded by a User on the Website; the commencement of judicial proceedings against a User with a claim for damages and reimbursement of legal expenses incurred; disclosure of information to the competent authorities, where this is necessary or appropriate.

SG shall not be in any case liable for consequences resulting from actions taken in response to breaches of this document.


These Terms and legal relationships with Users are governed by the law of the Italian Republic.

For any inherent controversy, deriving or otherwise connected to these Conditions or to the use of the Site, the Court of Milan shall be exclusively competent.