Industrial Splicing

Passion and experience are the solid foundations to hold together satisfaction and success.

A complete range of adhesive tapes specifically designed for the splicing process of a variety of materials, complying with the most demanding technical and quality requirements.

We continuously improve our level of knowledge to provide the best and right solutions for splicing application of paper, textiles, polyester films, PP films, PE film, foils, siliconized substrates and more.

h-old® offers its splicing tapes to guarantee good adhesive shear strength, good initial adhesion, easy handling, easy to tear and all necessary required features for all different kind of use. Our products are the essence of over 30 years of focus knowledge and experience. A perfect balance of technology and know-how exclusively at our customers demanding disposal.

Butt Splicing

A complete product range of PSA tapes to perform as best by “face to face” splicing application. h-old® products are the right solution to operate in fast and easy way, guaranteeing good and long term splicing quality to all different kqind of materials. All products are available in standard and custom rolls dimension, with or without liner.

- Rubber adhesive polyester film tapes available in different thicknesses and colors. High initial tack for quick bonding and good adhesion on LES materials. Easy to apply, without liner.

- Acrylic adhesive polyester film tapes available in several colors and coated with different acrylic adhesive systems. Designed for splicing of plastic films, laminates and foils in the food-packaging
sector. Mostly our acrylic adhesives comply with FDA regulations. Conformable and easy to use.

- Silicone adhesive polyester tapes available in different colors and thicknesses. Available in self-wound version or protected by polyester liner. Designed for high temperature splices requiring,
high adhesion on siliconized substrates, excellent wet-out and chemical resistance.

- Metallized polyester film tapes coated with an aggressive, long lasting acrylic adhesive that maintains excellent solvent resistance and long-term aging properties. Used for splicing applications where high temperature and detectability are required.

- Polyethylene film tapes: a range of self-wound PE film tapes based on different film thicknesses, adhesives and colors. Designed for high-speed flying splices of polyethylene films and membranes. Good conformability, hand tearable. Easy to apply.

- Aluminium foil adhesive tapes: available in several thicknesses, with or without liner. Designed for splicing of foils, films, papers and fabrics where a detectable splice is required.

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Core Starting

Every solution for every kind of core. h-old product range offers the right solution to have good conformability, immediate and long term adhesion force on different core surface and diameter.

- Double sided transfer tapes in different thicknesses based on special acrylic adhesion formulation to guarantee immediate adhering effect.

- Double sided tissue tapes to use when higher mechanical properties are necessary, such as by thicker paper cores.

- Single or Double sided silicone polyester tapes based on silicone for precise application of the material to the core.

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Overlap Splicing

The assortment of h-old® offers high quality double sided tapes based on special adhesive formulations studied to guarantee best adhesion on treated films, papers and foils. Products
can be supplied in all requested rolls dimension to be used also with hand dispenser to operate without problems and in short time. Available in different colors for easy recognition.

- Double sided polyester film tapes available in several thicknesses, colors and coated with rubber or acrylic adhesive systems. Designed for high speed flying splices of polyethylene, polypropylene, woven fabrics and low energy films. Clear or Red color for easy identification.

- Double sided non-woven tissue tapes are an economical choice for cardboard and graphic arts applications. Available in several thicknesses and adhesive formulations. Very conformable and hand tearable. Reverse wound rolls for use with ATS-50 gun dispenser available upon request.

- Double sided Transfer tapes based on solvent acrylics and protected by easy release paper liners. H-old Transfer tapes are suitable for a broad range of splicing applications that require high initial tack, good cohesion and chemical resistance. Reverse wound version available for use with ATS-50 gun dispenser.

- Double sided silicone polyester tapes available in several thickness, colors and coated with different silicone adhesive systems. Designed for high speed flying splices of siliconized papers, films
and foil and low energy films. Clear, Green or Red color for easy identification. Outstanding temperature resistance.

- Double sided aluminium foil tapes are recommended for static and flying splices of a wide range of materials where a metal detectable splice is a matter. Available with one or two release paper liners.

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Roll Closing & Tubbing

h-old® offers different kind of single and double sided tapes for roll closing and tabbing application. Solutions based on different backing and adhesive formulation according to the material and roll dimension to guarantee perfect closure and security during the following handling processes or material transportation.

- Single sided polyester film tapes with high performance silicone adhesive to have immediate adhesion and good shear.

- Double sided polyester film tapes with different silicone adhesive formulations and colors to guarantee stable closure according to the different materials. Good conformable and easy handling.

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