Industrial Profiles

Passion and experience are the solid foundations to hold together satisfaction and success.

A complete range of adhesive tapes specifically designed for the mounting of profiles, complying with the most demanding technical and quality requirements.

We continuously improve our level of knowledge to provide the best and right solutions to obtain the best assembling of different kind of profile such as plastic/ PVC or metal profiles of doors and windows, shelves, furniture etc.

h-old® offers its high value single and double sided tapes based on aluminum foil, PET or PVC film, PE foam white or black color and special adhesive formulations to guarantee good adhesive shear strength, good tack, easy handling and all necessary required features for all different kind of use.

Our products are the essence of over 30 years focused on knowledge and experience. A perfect balance of technology and know-how exclusively at our customers demanding disposal.

Data Strip & Decorative Profiles

High value and performance adhesive tapes for the application of shelf edge strips used in supermarkets, scanning rails, decorative profiles or ornaments as well.

Adhering and conforming on single surfaces, even on low energy surfaces. Designed for easy and quickly mounting, guaranteeing permanent and stable adhesion.

- Doubles sided PE foam tapes
White and Black PE foam in different thicknesses and liners version, available with rubber or acrylic adhesive systems, protected by plastic or paper liners. High adhesion force on plastic and metal
surfaces. Very good standing adhesion and shear performance.

- Double sided polyester tapes
The best solution for transparency and high adhesion force.

- Double sided PVC tape (8700)
Cheaper solution to double sided PET tapes.

- Transfer tapes
Clear, fast and easy to apply. Good initial and permanent adhesion on different kind of materials.

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Electrical Conduits

h-old® product range of double sided tapes based on PE foam, PET or PVC film with acrylic or rubber adhesives has been developed to offer best adhesion performance during the application and installation of electrical conduits.

Different kind of backings and adhesive solutions to be compatible with EC made of metal, plastic, rigid or flexible ones. High value adhesive formulations withstanding to in & outdoor conditions and temperatures. UV adhesive resistant.

- Doubles sided PE foam tapes
White or Black PE foam in different thicknesses and liners version, available with rubber or acrylic adhesive.
Key elements to be used where high cohesion and thickness are necessary.
Soft and flexible, therefore good conformable different materials.

- Double sided polyester tapes
h-old® offers also a wide range of double sided tapes based on PET film with very high performance acrylic adhesive formulations to get optimal solution for rigid and metal conduits.
They ensure high mechanical properties and excellent lasting adhesion force as well.
UV and outdoor temperature conditions resistance.

- Double sided PVC tape
Alternative solutions withstanding the required performance on tensile strength and conformability.

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Windows & Doors Profiles

The high value h-old® adhesive tapes have been studied and developed to ensure durable performance adhesion and excellent initial tack on different materials used for the assembling of mirrors and doors.

- Aluminium tapes
Available in different thicknesses with and without liner.
Best humidity and thermal barrier, good conformable.
All based on special acrylic adhesive formulations for in and outdoor temperature conditions, UV resistance as well.

- Single sided PET tapes with silicone adhesive
Key solution for masking operations of insulating bars for aluminum thermal break systems.
Very flexible and conformable.
Perfect initial and permanent adhering performance.

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