Industrial Masking

High Temperature Masking Adhesive Tapes for Powder Coating & Surface Finishing

Whatever the type of masking required, h-old® offers the right pressure sensitive adhesive tape from a comprehensive range to achieve the right result.


For Electrocoating (e-coat) process h-old® has developed a range of HT masking tapes to guarantee your processes of pretreatment, electrocoating and thermal curing. All our products are based on high performance films and adhesive to guarantee a clean and easy removal.

- Silicone polyester tapes for(P40, P450, 5676, 12 SL, etc.)

- Glass cloth tapes (GL99, GL96)

- Silicone paper tapes (SPE130-SP110)

- Conductive tapes (CAL40-SCUT36,4536)

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Liquid Painting

Whatever the type of masking needed h-old® offers the right adhesive tape to achieve the best result. h-old® has developed a wide range of HT masking tapes based on paper, polyester and laminates to guarantee good adhesion on difficult substrates, chemical resistance and clean removal after use. Paper tapes are based on semi crepe or flat paper coated on one side with rubber resin and silicone adhesives.

- Paper masking tapes based on different substrates and coated with removable rubber-resin and acrylic adhesives. h-old® paper tapes recommended for masking operations up to 180°. High conformability and fine line result. (CP120 – 6765 – 6766HT etc.) 

- Silicone paper tapes offer outstanding temperature and chemical resistance. The strong and tear resistant impregnated paper backing guarantee a clean and one piece removal after a 45 minutes at 180°C (SPE130-SP110)

Paper/Polyester laminate tapes are recommended for critical application where high temperature resistance, low shrinkage and chemical resistance are required. Clean removal without breaking thanks to the polyester/paper substare. (P4068 – IP110)

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Plating & Electroplating

h-old® offers a dedicated range of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for metal plating finishing processes. The special silicone based adhesive adheres well to most metal alloys and resists to chemicals during the immersion process.

- Silicone polyester tapes coated with additional adhesive for excellent adhesion and regular unwinding. High chemical resistance and clean removal. Red color for easy identification. (P42, P40, etc.)

- Aluminium foil tapes can be used to mask during plating, shielding, cleaning, paint stripping and etching applications up to 130°C. Available in several thicknesses, with or without paper liner AR080, AL080, etc.)

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Powder Coating

h-old® offers a complete range of single sided masking tapes based on different substrates such as polyester, polyimide, glass cloth, papers, foils and coated with silicone rubber adhesive systems. This combination makes them resistant for short periods up to 250-300°C.

- Silicone polyester tapes available in different thicknesses, colors and adhesive formulation. Used for general purpose powder coating operations up to 220°C. Linered version facilitates die cutting (P40, P450, 5676, 12 SL, etc.)

Silicone Glass cloth tapes proving superior temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties. (GL99, GL96)

- Silicone paper tapes offer good conformability and thermal resistance. Hand tearable and easy to use. (SPE130-SP110)

Silicone polyimide tapes have the capability to withstand temperatures of up to 260°C. Available on 25 & 50 micron backing. Linered version facilitates die cutting ( 560, 660, H20, H50, etc.)

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Thermal Spray

h-old® offers a variety of plasma spray masking tapes to match your application. The range includes aluminum foil / glass cloth tapes, silicone glass cloth tapes, etc. All h-old® products come with a high quality pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that performs well in temperatures as high as 260°C.

- Glass cloth tapes coated on one sided with high temperature silicone adhesive are regularly used as masking operations for metalizing and plasma spray applications. The strong glass cloth backing ensures high abrasion and thermal resistance. (GL99, GL96)

- Aluminium foil / Glass cloth laminate tape especially developed for all masking application where a strong and abrasion resistant tape is required. High thermal resistance. (GLA200)

- Glass/Copper / Glass laminate tapes are the right solution for masking operation in the HVOF coating process. The strong backing and high quality silicone adhesive offer superior abrasion resistance and adhesive power under extreme conditions.

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