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We offer the right solution for each application.

We face challenges with leaders’ serenity.

Whatever the usage type, the h-old® tapes range dedicated to the home appliances industry fully covers the various types. Single or double-sided aluminium tapes and tapes with various types of backings (MOPP, PE and PET films) are an integral part of our product catalogue.

The use of high quality materials and the guarantee of production quality are the key to h-old® products success, in both standard production and in specific products for exclusive use.

Fridges and freezers

A complete range to secure, protect and insulate.

H-old® products offer the ideal characteristics for ensuring a high quality final product.

- Aluminium foil tapes for fixing of alu/copper tubes to the refrigeration cabinet.

- Paper and filmic tapes for the assembling of refrigerators and freezers.

- Removable non-staining tapes MOPP strapping tapes designed for fixation of doors, plastic and glass shelfs during transport.

- Double sided tapes for mounting of evaporator plates to the refrigeration cabinet, emblems, ect.

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Specific raw materials and expertise means creating products that are suitable for their use and fulfil quality expectations.

- Glass cloth electrical tapes for protection and bundling wire harnesses – Flame retardant in agreement with UL510.

- MOPP Strapping tapes for temporary securing cooktops,racks during transport.

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Microwave ovens

The specific assortment of h-old® products for microwave ovens meets the most severe inspections and performance tests, but also offers the flexibility needed to design your products.

- Printable polyester tapes designed to prevent heat leakage from the interior of the oven.

- Electrical tapes for protection and bundling wire harnesses – Flame retardant in agreement with UL510.

- Double sided tapes for mounting emblems, labels, cable fixation.

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Cutting-edge technologies ensure each application of our products specifically for the production of ovens.

- Aluminium tapes for seaming and sealing of insulating materials as rock wool, glass wool. Flame retardant (UL510).

- Double sides tapes for mounting emblems, labels, cables fixation.

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