Electro-Mechanical Industry

h-old® is a global leading provider of technology and solutions with special adhesive tapes for the electro-mechanical industry.

We offer a complete certified product range for electro-mechanical industry to satisfy at best high technical and quality performances.

h-old® has the knowledge and competence to use and converting high performance films and papers such as Kapton®, Teonex®, Nomex®, PET film, aluminum or copper foils with acrylic, silicone or rubber based adhesives to meet the most demanding performance in the electro-mechanical applications.

UL certified products under our File OANZ2 E178430, also listed in the UL Electrical Insulating Systems.

h-old® offers his flexibility to optimise products according to the very specific technical need, even for small production runs.


h-old® provides a wide range of electrical grade adhesive tapes for the coil winding industry, based on different kind of backings and adhesives to meet the current application requirements of the electrical industry.

This electrical insulation product line studied following the strictest standards, focusing on high performances and durability.

- PEN (Teonex®) film recommended for insulation of transformers and coils. Excellent chemical resistance and to high temperatures, up to 180°C.

- PET film adhesive tapes combined with rubber, silicone or acrylic adhesive, available in different thicknesses and colors. Good conformability. Used for interlayer insulation and final binding.

- The Acetate cloth backing combined with our thermosetting rubber adhesive provides a very good initial tack. High conformability, are used for outer wrapping of bobbins and smaller transformers.

- The Glass cloth tapes for dielectric insulation in coils provide long-term performance, high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

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h-old® provides a comprehensive quality product range, tough and dependable of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for insulating of electric motors and generators.

Whether you are an electric motor / generator manufacturer or rewind shop, we offer everything you may need to produce a superior finished product.

- PET film adhesive tapes combined with special pressure sensitive adhesives (rubber, silicone and acrylic) available in various thicknesses and colours. Perfect for insulationof electrical motors. Good conformability, breakdown voltage and tensile strength.

- Nomex® aramid paper tapes with acrylic and rubber adhesives are an ideal choice for any kind of motor, to guarantee its performance and durability. Nomex® PET film or glass cloth laminated tapes offer higher dielectric, tensile strength and insulation in motors.

- Glass cloth tapes, the best solution for insulating and outer wrapping of medium or larger sized electric motors. High temperature resistance (up to 220°C) and excellent mechanical properties.

- PET film / non woven - paper laminated tapes for phase insulation and coils wrapping. Good conforming, good strength and puncture resistance.

- PI film (Kapton®) adhesive tapes offer the most outstanding insulating performances for traction motors. Flame retardant according to UL510, thin but very high temperature resistant.

- PTFE tapes with silicone adhesive, anti-adhesive backing and low coefficient of friction. Outstanding temperature resistance, ideal solution for insulation of high frequency motors.

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Dry type transformers require high electrical insulation adhesive tapes for all thermal classes, good absorption and mechanical resistance. Oil-filled transformers need good oil resistance adhesive tapes.

h-old® offers products listed under UL Electrical Insulation Systems certification (UL file OANZ n° E178430), to ensure constant high value quality products. You can trust the experience and competence h-old® offers to its customers to satisfy at best your applications needs.

- PET film tapes combined with rubber, silicone or acrylic adhesive. Available in many thicknesses and colours. h-old® PSA tapes guarantee high tack and good adhesion on different kind of materials, available in a wide range of thicknesses and colors. Good compatibility to varnishes and resins. Flame retardant, printable. Addressed for insulating of smaller dry type transformers or toroidal coils.

- Glass fibres reinforced PET film and Paper Tapes designed to wind under high chemical and mechanical resistance in dry or oiled-filled transformers. Versions with acrylic adhesive offer better chemical resistance to oils and solvents.

- Glass cloth tapes guarantee high tensile strength and heat resistance. Ideal for many electrical insulation requirements. They offer outstanding flame retardant performance thanks to the silicone adhesive according to UL510.

- Double-sided adhesive tapes used for the manufacturing of transformers to fix insulating material by the initial unwinding. Good initial adhesion and electrical properties.

- Nomex® aramid paper with acrylic and rubber adhesive. High impregnation properties, insulation for transformers.

- Adhesive tapes based on PI film (Kapton®) have the most outstanding heat and dielectric performances as insulation for transformers, also under high temperature (>180°C).

- Copper foil tapes with conductive acrylic adhesive for static electricity discharging and shielding from electro-magnetic/electrostatic fields.

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