The specialist of high value adhesive tapes

Competence and know-how at the service of industries since 1982

Saint-Gobain PPL h-old S.p.A. is a company specialized in the development, production and distribution of high value pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, both single and double side. Since 1982, research, know-how and flexibility have been leading us in order to fulfil our customers’ requirements in a wide variety of industrial fields. By developing tailor-made solutions to specific industrial needs, we support companies and professionals in optimising industrial processes, sustaining designs and manufacturing high quality products.

Our mission

Our mission is to create corporate value through the sustainable development of solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners. h-lab, the “core” of Saint-Gobain PPL h-old S.p.A. technology, is the laboratory where science and experience are combined in order to fertilize the applied research path aimed to fulfil our customers’ demand and expectations. The driving force of h-lab activity is provided by our sales consultants. They are directly interacting with our customers converting demands, problems to be solved, expectation and wishes into concrete projects. Achieving the desired goal by implementing a sustainable and effective solution is our greatest satisfaction and success.

International growth

Established in the market with a solid reputation as reliable and competent supplier in the field of high value pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, Saint-Gobain PPL h-old S.p.A. acquired a significant market share in and outside Europe, with an established sales organization and a consolidated distribution network which can join the broad concept of knowledge application to the solid added value of the local presence. We are there, where our customer need us.

Since November 2016, we are part of the great multinational Saint Gobain Group, and belong to the worldwide established “Performance Plastics Division”: a real opportunity to reinforce and leverage know how and international presence.

Our principle of conduct and action

Saint-Gobain PPL h-old S.p.A. has always been complying with ethical principles which led our way in business and human relations. Amongst the principles which drive and inspire the behavior of h-old, the five principles of conduct and the four principles of action adopted by Saint Gobain Group define the pillars of any action of our employees and representatives. Professional engagement, respect for the people, integrity, loyalty and solidarity are the milestones for our employees. Respect of the law, respect for the Environment, Respect of health and safety on the working places and respect of all employees rights are the four action principles which drive our activity.


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h-old® is all certified: h-old® has an integrated quality system, and makes a set of certification available to our customers in accordance with industrial standards.

Quality & certification

h-lab® is the technological laboratory dedicated entirely to the specific needs of the customer. This project is the feather in our cap in terms of what we have to offer.

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h-old is the specialist in the world of high value adhesive tapes

To create Enterprise value through the sustainable development of new solutions for our Customers which represent the State of the Art in the special adhesive tapes industry.

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