Automotive & Transportation

For the best outcomes on larger projects, we focus on the smallest details.

We offer a complete range of adhesive tapes designed specifically for the automotive sector, capable of meeting the highest technical and quality requirements.

Whether it is adhering, protecting or insulating, h-old® offers a range of adhesive tapes developed especially for the automotive sector and more generally for the assembly of vehicles (Transportation).

Our solutions for this sector are the result of certified processes that are reflecting in a perfect combination of technology and know-how from over 30 years of experience geared to meet the specific requested needs of this sector.

Car Body – Exterior

The h-old® product range for bodywork is designed to be used quickly and easily, ensuring maximum reliability and the highest performance.

- Double sided PE foam tapes for mounting of frames, emblems, profiles and wheel balance weights

- Double sided tapes based on PVC & PET film for assembling of mirrors, lights

- High temperature adhesive tapes for masking operations up to 250°C

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Electrical System

Created with the aim of making their everyday use extremely versatile and high-quality, the range of products for electrical components has the following types of product.

- Technical Tapes for production of ignition coils, hybrid electric systems, fuel cells, li-on batteries

- Double sided PET & PI film tapes for assembling of heaters, connections and electrical components

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Engine Area – Powertrain

Extremely versatile. Extremely precise. Extremely simple to apply.

A full range of self-adhesive products for thermal insulation, protection, electrical insulation and fixing:

- Aluminium foil tapes for thermal barrier, protection, reflection

- Glass cloth tapes for cable assembling

- Flame retardant electrical tapes for insulation of motors, bobbins and electrical components

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The product range for interiors meets the highest requirements, ensuring significant value-add for the end user.

- Double Sided PE foam Tapes for mounting of plastic parts, door trims, sound absorption materials and mirrors

- Insulating tapes single and double sided for assembling & mounting of interior sensors/heaters (glass, seats etc)

- Transfer tapes for mounting of metal, wood and plastic materials

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